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Executive Image Corporate Package

Creating a high-level executive presence is more than just purchasing a tailored suit, it’s the complete package that will allow you to achieve your career goals and best represent yourself, the company and clients. The details matter most when presenting an impressive visual presence. Whether stepping into a new leadership role or prepping for the next important pitch, making an investment in building an elevated corporate image is an invaluable tool that can give you a competitive edge. Boost confidence, maximize time and resources and portray a position of authority with a customized executive image corporate package.

Karen delivers exactly what you need to master the corporate dress code, build a complete business wardrobe or be ready for any event or business function. She will travel to any destination to provide on-site services and coordinate specific needs that might arise. From understanding international business cultures to keeping all personal or business information highly confidential, working with Karen ensures you’ll always be prepared and on-point.


Customized Executive Image Packages for:

  • Building a complete business wardrobe

  • Corporate meetings and retreats

  • Speaking engagements

  • Business presentations and travel

  • Formal events and fundraisers

  • Client dinners and casual outings

“I love when fashion becomes a vehicle for sharing a powerful message.”
— Serena Williams