Karen Kleber

Karen Kleber’s meticulous quest for style and individuality has set her apart as one of the industry’s most sought-after corporate, fashion and personal image stylists. She has dressed a wide spectrum of internationally recognized personalities and prominent public figures in business, government and entertainment including business executive Dina Powell, actor Haydn Gwynne and entertainer Tony DeSare.

Karen’s vast experience and years of success in styling have taken her around the globe working on fashion layouts and portraiture in the United States and internationally. Working from her base in New York City, Karen has access to the best resources for professional services to compliment her styling, including, designers, photographers, hair and make-up artists, manicurists, branding and creative specialists.

Karen brings a high-energy and detail oriented approach in delivering customized style packages to suit any client need. Often traveling wherever her services are needed, she takes the stress out of wardrobe decisions and works with clients to define their style and personal brand.

Whether I’m helping business executives to achieve their next power position or styling one-on-one for private clients, I pride myself on my enthusiastic approach to every detail of the client’s needs, to create the best possible result.

My Philosophy for Life and Styling

Responsible Luxury

I believe in eco-friendly, conscious purchasing and living. My responsible luxury philosophy helps my clients, the environment and people in need. Through donation, upcycling, and responsible purchases, we can make a difference in the world and make lives better.

Creating the happiness factor

My ultimate goal is to create happiness for clients, so they can project their best and feel confident in their appearance. Freeing up their time allows them to get out in the world and focus on what they do best.  

Full Cycle Approach

I believe wholeheartedly in sustainability, donating eliminated clothing and accessories to charity in order to help those in need which also extends the life of the items. I have on-going relationships with the Rutgers Presbyterian Church Refugee Program and STRIVE New York’s Fresh Start program for ex-offenders supported by Goldman Sachs, or can happily donate to the charity of your choice.  

Buy better, own less and wear more.